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Holiday Card Sale!

18x18 Throw Pillow
4×8 Cards with envelopes

Get the holiday cards that are best for you:

  • Low-cost 4×8 cards
  • One-sided 5×7 cards
  • Folding 3×5 and 5×7 cards
  • Mail-for-Me 5×7 folding cards with your signature! We’ll seal, stamp and mail for you!
Video: How to order 4x8s cards in 50 seconds
Envelopes included!  Free shipping on orders over $10!
Save another 5% with promo CARDS!
The best card deal on the web: see card prices here!
Try our Mail-for-Me cards!

Completely customizable 5×7 folding cards with robust message section and your signature. We print, seal, stamp and mail for only $1.99! Quantity ONE!

Video: How to make a Mail-for-Me card in just 3 minutes!
Posted: 11/17/2017 6:35:56 AM

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