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How to print giant posters and framed prints in any ratio or size up to 42″

AGiantPosters friend asked how to cover a gash in his wall. He said he wanted a nice poster to place in a 33″ wide alcove, which is an unusual size. The dotphoto Custom Frame Shop can print posters AND customized frames up to 42 inches wide and tall, so the max size is 42″ x 42″. That’s a big image.

We added a border to the famous painting “Young Man at His Window,” set the ratio to 33/42, and used the dotphoto Custom Frame Shop to print. You can make laminated posters, canvases or framed prints in any ratio.

Most online print sites require you to print only fixed sizes like 20x 24 or 30×40. With the dotphoto Custom Frame Shop, you cut to any size or ratio.

How to create a giant laminated poster, canvas or framed print

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Posted: 7/25/2018 9:48:34 AM

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