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Preserving Memories During COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has us separated from family members for extended periods, and shelter-in-place orders have made life hard on families that do not see each other as often. The Internet gave us the ability to share pictures with the people we love with a few simple mouse clicks. However, there is something about the tactile feel of having a physical copy in your hands that elicits a different feeling. With dotphoto’s subscription service, you can have custom picture framing of your cherished memories delivered to your door. 

Physical Copies 

Framed pictures brighten up the home. They represent a connection to the family and friends that touched our lives and help us to remember happier times. With social media platforms and other digital photo storage sites populating the digital photo market, physical copies of these moments in time have become scarcer. 

We can get lost in the tedious process of searching through countless digital albums and looking for the right picture from the right day. That feeling changes with the introduction of a physical copy in the home. A framed print of a photograph can give us something to hold onto while we wait out COVID-19. 

Custom Built Frames in Any Shape or Size

The dotphoto custom frame shop will give your cherished photographs a physical home, with standard and customized frames available for subscribers. The customized frames give you full control over how they look, giving your pictures the personality they deserve. Our custom frame shop will take the images that you provided and turn them into any shape or size you wish — not just standard poster sizes, but panoramic, tall, or oblong and up to huge 42” x 42” – framed, laminated, or printed on canvas. 

Additional Options

There are additional options available to present your pictures aside from traditional or customized frames. With your dotphoto subscription, you can also get your prints mounted, placed on greeting cards, made into calendars. You can also visit our blog post where we go further in-depth about the framed canvas prints options available. 

For more information on our custom picture framing and our subscription service, visit our website today!

Posted: 5/22/2020 3:53:06 PM

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