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How can I use my phone like a telescope?

Many camera phones take beautiful photos of the night sky. Here are moon shots taken with a Samsung S22 Ultra. No special lenses were used.

These images were captured by zooming to 60X. At higher magnification, the main challenge is holding the camera steady. Fortunately, manufacturers provide a tool for that. Note the guide in the upper left corner that helps bring the object into view of the camera.

Other Helpful Tips for Moonshots

  1. Use a tripod. This will give a steadier, less blurry image. 
  2. On an iPhone, switch off flash and switch on High Dynamic Range (HDR).
  3. Slow the shutter speed. Many smart phones will automatically go into low-light or night mode when you point them at a dark sky.
  4. Reduce ISO to 100. Higher ISO is brighter, but can create a washed-out moon with less detail.

Once you capture the image, you can upload directly to dotphoto!

Posted: 1/25/2023 5:49:08 PM

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