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Creative Holiday Gift Ideas from dotphoto

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means the pandemonium of trying to find a gift is almost here. During this time of year, more memories are made than any other season, so there is an extra emphasis on preserving these magic moments.  If you don’t want to lose your snapshots, dotphoto has great gift ideas that will help you share and preserve your memories with your loved ones this holiday season.


Holiday Greeting Cards

dotphoto_holiday_infographic_v2You’ve likely already had your family’s holiday card photo shoot, so now is the time to send them out. With dotphoto’s greeting card printing services, this is easier than ever. Through a subscription to our site, you can choose from a variety of different themes for whichever holiday you’ll be celebrating this season. Using your favorite picture, we will create and print your holiday card, and give you the option to mail them on your own or through our site, with envelopes and free shipping included for orders of 150+. This service starts as low as 49 cents, while other companies charge as much as $1.69 per card. To put it into perspective, 151 cards on another site with $15 shipping could cost $270, while our site would give you a convenient price of $73.99!

Custom Calendars

A calendar is a gift that can be used all year long, and a photo calendar allows you to see new memories of your favorite moments every month. Calendars are a popular holiday gift from  dotphoto, with both 12-month and 18-month offerings available. It’s practical for everyday use and allows you to  dedicate each month to a different memory or part of your family. A helpful tip when creating your calendar – coordinate pictures by birth month to make remembering birthdays is easier!

Festive Frames

If you’re taking advantage of our photo printing services this holiday season, chances are you’ll need something to store your pictures in. A subscription to dotphoto’s full line of services includes custom picture frames for any of your photos! You have a selection of different types of frame material, mats, and glasses, so you can use whatever combination you need to make them look as festive for the season as you can. You can even use them to frame your holiday cards!

Holiday gift ideas might get stressful, but dotphoto’s photo printing services, including our holiday card printing, should cover any gift you might need this time of year. Our subscription service gives you access to all of these features and even more, and at a price that other online photo storage sites can’t beat. If you are looking to beat the holiday rush and find a great gift that your entire family will love, contact us about a dotphoto subscription today.

Posted: 11/15/2019 3:24:51 PM

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