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The Best Little Frame Shop in New Jersey – and probably anywhere

“Where did you get that beautiful frame?” A visitor had spotted the framed print waiting for delivery. “It picks up the colors in the painting.”

“It is beautiful, isn’t it?” I agreed. “The best part is that dotphoto allows you to see the finished frame even before you order it. If you’ve ever tried to frame something, they show you corners, and you hope for the best.”

  • What you see is what you’ll get: design it, see it, order it.
  • Custom-cut for your image – not limited to standard sizes like 16×24 or 30×40
  • Try hundreds of frames before ordering
  • Try multiple mats with different colors
  • Choose the glass you want
  • Includes free heavy-duty wall hangers
  • Free Shipping for Club members
  • We guarantee the workmanship.

How to design your own exquisitely framed print

Super Hangers Included

Our frames include heavy-duty interlocking hangers. Attach one set to the wall, and slide your framed print over them for a safe and sturdy installation.

Posted: 4/11/2022 1:42:59 AM

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