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Why Should I Have My Photos Printed? Part 1

In today’s Internet-driven, virtual world, we see photos shared everywhere on our ubiquitous digital devices. Viewing or sharing an image can be done with a click of a button. While these resources are an excellent way to store your photos and even back them up, there is practicality and a dose of charm present when printing them. Here are a few reasons why you should consider printing your favorite moments with your dotphoto subscription:

A Tangible Takeaway in a Virtual World

There’s something nostalgically novel about creating something that you can both hold in your hands and view online. Whether that be something you’ve written or a design project, you’ve created value not only in a digital landscape but in reality as well. When you partner with dotphoto, you can keep photos of your loved ones in your wallet, order wedding invitations, get custom-framed pictures, customize greeting card printing, and even produce one of our boxed photo puzzles!

Think about it this way: when we flip through digital photos, it’s usually deliberate. We’re searching for a specific instance in time or the perfect frame. But by adorning your living areas with your favorite photos – and posters, magnets or mugs – or gifting them to someone special, you’re creating moments of pleasant surprise time and time again.

On a related note, photo printing offers you the peace of mind that comes with longevity and a shelf life with no expiration date. 

Your True Vision, Captured

Let’s say you’ve captured the perfect photo, whether from a family gathering or a breathtaking vista. By luck or skill, you’ve found yourself with a fantastic shot! The color is sublime, the exposure is perfect, and the composition is immaculate. But what if the colors were tweaked, the highlights are blown out, or an edge of it cropped out? While our services guarantee to preserve the quality and dimensions of your photos, the truth is, everyone’s screens and displays are different. If you hand over your image file to a friend to print on their own, they might take it to a subpar printing service that will distort what makes your image so valuable to you in the first place. To have complete control over the final product, and ensure your true vision comes to life as it should, partner with photo printing services you can trust at dotphoto!

In our next blog, we’ll explore some more advantages of having your photos professionally printed.

Posted: 5/14/2020 2:05:18 PM

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