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Pros, newspapers, and other photo sellers can sell more with a few key ideas.

Choose the large watermark when uploading your photos.
(Netizens have become accustomed to copying photos with small watermarks.)

How the PROOF watermark works on dotphoto

Set passwords so that guests find their albums fast.

Password levels can be confusing, but the main ideas are:

  1. Set a guest password at the album level to cover all non-protected albums.
  2. Set a unique password (different from the album-level password) for each album.

    When your guests use the album password or the album link that you send, they will see only their own album.

How to set account and album passwords

Set prices for the products that make sense for your audience

dotphoto enables you to set multiple price levels and groups. Portrait photographers may want to sell mainly photo packages; sports photographers may emphasize posters.

You can assign different price plans to different albums, but all sub-albums will have the same price plan.

TIP: The Account Plan is the base level plan. If you do not want individual photos to appear in the other plans, remove them from the Account Plan.

How to set up price plans in dotphoto

Posted: 12/6/2022 4:50:04 AM

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