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Texarkana Gazette
Turn your pictures into profits at dotPhoto with our easy online photo reprint solution. Since 1999 we've been producing top quality photo reprints for thousands of successful newspapers, associations, clubs and professional photographers.
Fulfilling customer or member requests for photo reprints is both time-consuming and costly to manage in-house. Take the hassle out of photo reprint fulfillment by partnering with dotPhoto. We handle the entire reprint order process for you and offer customer support throughout the process.
Post and sell every photo your staff or members shoot! dotPhoto offers direct deposit of your commissions monthly (or sends out checks) and provides online reports of your sales every month.
It's even FREE to sell your photos here! All of this costs you nothing but dotPhoto's low printing costs, a 15% handling fee based on the price you set for the images and a standard 3% credit card transaction fee.
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Partner with an award winning photo-finisher!
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Benefits of partnering with dotPhoto:
  • No start up costs!
  • Easy upload tools and FTP interface.
  • FREE watermark image protection.
  • Sell your photos on-line at prices you decide.
  • Easy for customers to purchase reprints online.
  • Monthly commission payments!
  • Wide variety of print sizes and gifts.
  • Quality photo reprints on Kodak paper.
  • All processing handled via state-of-the-art equipment.
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