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How to Make Your Home Dazzle in Quarantine

Life is different now than it was a few short months ago. We live in a time of great upheaval where we want a semblance of control and normalcy to return to our lives. While the outside world swirls in uncertainty that we cannot control, having the ability to alter the way our homes look and feel is something that we can embrace. With dotphoto’s printing features as part of your subscription, we can take your most treasured memories and transform them into conversation pieces for the home. 

Custom Pillows 

Every home is better with throw pillows. Dotting couches and chairs alike with a cute pillow provides a warm and welcoming feeling for people. However, maybe you have been searching for the right design or color scheme to match your design aesthetic but keep striking out. Don’t lose faith just yet! Using your pictures to personalize a customized pillow is a quick and easy way to add to your home’s personality. 

Framed Canvas Prints

If you are in the market for art pieces to brighten your living space, it can quickly turn into a costly endeavor. While we love fine art at dotphoto, we know that the price of a specific piece, combined with that of a frame, can drive the price up well past the initial budget. However, by signing up with a dotphoto subscription, you can select a picture that has personal sentimental value and instantly transform it into the centerpiece of your home. 

Treasured Memories 

Living during a quarantine helps put things into perspective. The things that we value tend to shift as the world around us continually changes. Choosing to immortalize a specific memory or portrait for your family and, eventually, visitors is one way to emphasize the value placed on a family during difficult times. Honoring that dynamic with a framed canvas print in a spot of honor in your home is a quick and meaningful way to let everyone know what is important to you. 

At dotphoto, we combine your artistic vision and preserve your treasured memories at heart. For more information on our custom framed canvas prints and custom picture framing, visit us online today!

Posted: 5/22/2020 4:56:46 PM

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