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3 Online Safety Tips To Keep Your Data Secure

With a new major hack occurring seemingly every day, it’s now more critical than ever before to stay vigilant online. Use these simple tips to keep your data more secure as you browse the internet, shop online, and choose the right online photo storage subscription.

  • Use secure passwords. The best way to protect your banking, social media, email, and other accounts is to choose strong and secure passwords. Instead of using a password like “12345” or “password,” pick something more difficult for hackers and machines to guess. Use a mixture of letters (capital and lowercase), numbers, and symbols, and be sure to keep your password stored somewhere offline in case you forget it. If you use an address book or notepad frequently, these would be great places to store this information. Watch the following video to learn more about creating a strong password:

By the way, if you ever forget your password at dotphoto, just click on the Forgot Password button on the sign-in page, and the system will send your password to the email address on your account. No dotphoto personnel can see member passwords, and we will never ask for your password in dotphoto support.

  • Be careful where you shop. No matter if you’re purchasing clothing, 3×5 prints of your favorite photos, or a new video game, you should only shop on secure and well-known websites. Only supply your credit card and personal information to secure sites – you can tell if a site is secure by looking for a website address that begins with “https:” instead of “http.” Secure sites will also have a tiny padlock on the left-hand side of your browser where the site address is located.

At dotphoto, we understand that privacy is worth protecting. Unlike other larger companies such as Facebook, we’ll never sell your data to advertisers. Through a subscription package, you can use our safe and secure system to store and print photos without downsizing or compression. Learn more about a dotphoto subscription, as well as our commitment to privacy by visiting our team online at

Posted: 4/14/2020 3:37:31 PM

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