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New dotphoto Project Manager for for books, calendars, cards & more

TECHNICAL NOTE:  Keep only one dotphoto browser window open at a time when using projects. More than one operating browser window can prevent projects from being added to the cart.

dotphoto’s new AUTOFILL feature enables you to make books, calendars, cards and other photo products quickly.

Now dotphoto’s NEW Project Manager enables you to copy a project, make small changes, and save it as a new project.

What kind of project changes can I make?
You can further personalize your projects with changes like these:

  • Notes inside your favorite cards
  • Personal dedication in a photo book
  • Different titles for books and calendars
  • Special days in a calendar
  • Different cover photos in any product
  • Change any photo, text or design in your original project

Create a Project

You can create a project for a complex product like a book or calendar by saving it. Tap the SAVE button at the top of the page.

Order a Project

Tap the ADD TO CART project in the upper right corner.

You can order more than one project at the same time or in the same cart.

Access Your Projects

Tap the down arrow next your account name and choose My Projects

Edit Your Project

Your projects are stored in chronological order. See the examples below. To edit a project, tap the pencil icon.

Copy a Project

To make a variation of the same product, copy the project by tapping the copy icon. Then make changes to the new project. You can add a different inscription to the front of a photo book, add different birthdays to calendars, or any number of other changes. You must SAVE each copy to save the next version.

Discard a Project

To discard a project, tap the trashcan iconNOTE: If you delete a project, it is gone forever. dotphoto cannot bring it back.

Examples of project variations

The first project in the examples below is the calendar at the bottom. The first project was copied and a new photo was added on January 2. The second project was copied and the cover image was changed, which became the third project.

Posted: 12/31/2022 3:59:49 AM

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