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How to Print a Panorama

Camera phones now take breath-taking panoramic photos. Popular scenes include family reunions, mountains, beaches, harbors, sunsets, and skylines. But how to print a panorama economically or have it framed for presentation on a wall?

Cityscape PanoramaSizing your panorama
Panoramas tend to be large photos because your camera is really taking multiple images and stitching them together. Fortunately, dotphoto uploads up to a 20MB image, which accommodates most panoramas.

Waterfall PanoramaTwo printing options for panoramas
dotphoto posters are so inexpensive that the most economical way to print a panorama is simply to print it un-cropped on a poster. Our custom framing shop also offers prints, laminated prints, canvas and frames in any aspect ratio that you would like — that is, your photo is not limited to traditional print sizes like 12×18 or 20×30. It could be, for instance, 28×42 like the waterfall shown here.

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Posted: 9/21/2018 1:41:54 AM

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