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Picture Perfect Prom & Graduation Photos

When thinking of capturing family memories on film, most people focus on the winter holidays filled with joy and time off from school and work. But families with babies, children, and teens often know that there are many other milestones and happenings that occur outside of the traditional holiday season. From first steps to first days of school to birthdays and graduations, there are a plethora of other celebrations and beloved memories that families want to capture on film. A subscription with dotphoto can help you preserve your fondest of times.

Not only can you upload and organize your photos in albums on the dotphoto website, but you can also print photos from your files and peruse the picture frame shop to find the ideal way to showcase your family’s proudest moments. Sign up today for extra savings to get a jump start on storing pictures of graduation and prom. No matter how you want to show off your memories, make sure to do it with dotphoto’s services (and frames) for the best experience. 

Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, you know (or will soon learn) that properly staging your photos is critical for getting memories that last forever and look good. Here are some tips that can help you achieve the best image possible:

  1. Clean your photo area. No one wants to have to edit out or over-crop a picture because Fido’s favorite toy or a random dust bunny decides to make a guest appearance next to their teenager and his or her prom date in the first pics of the night. Additionally, planning ahead so that you have time to scope out the best picture nook is always an excellent way to ensure you get the photo you want.
  2. Get the right lighting. Put those lamps, the fireplace, and windows to good use to create the ideal light for your pictures. You don’t want to lose the faces, dress details, or pretty flower decor of prom night in the shadows due to insufficient lighting.
  3. Pick up the right lens. You can rent or purchase the right photography equipment ahead of time when you know you’ll need a way to capture close-ups of prom night or far-away shots of your loved one walking across the graduation stage.

Once you’ve got the shots you want, load them to your album on dotphoto for safekeeping. Don’t forget to stop by the shopping page to find a unique way to put your amazing pics on display. Sign up today to start your account – and your savings!

Posted: 3/6/2020 1:05:20 PM

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