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dotphoto has postcards! Save the date!

They say that no one reads anymore, so, if you want to make an impression, send a postcard!

dotphoto brings back custom-made postcards for only 99 cents. (Just 94 cents with this week’s Reader Reward code POSTCARDS.) Add any photo, invitation, or message — or use dotphoto’s Editor to add text to your photo prior to creating your postcard.

How to add text to your photos

Available in either glossy or matte, you can order as few as one at a time. Standard 4×6 photos fit conveniently on 110 pound card stock that qualifies for U.S. Vintage PostcardsPostal postcard rates (currently only 35 cents.)

The Internet is full of vintage postcards in the public domain that would also make arresting messages.

7 Sources of free stock images
that would be great for postcards

How to make a postcard…

  1. Go to Shop on the top menu.
  2. Click on postcard in the card menu, or search for postcard.
  3. Choose glossy or matte printing.
  4. Choose an album and the photowithin the album.

More info about new dotphoto postcards

Posted: 9/19/2018 2:41:32 AM

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