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Turn color photos into black and white, sepia, and other color transformations

New dotphoto home pageOne reason we answer our phones One reason we answer our phones is to find out what dotphoto users want  to do.

Sometimes we’re surprised by a question. For instance: “How can I turn a color photo into a black and white?”

That makes sense because B&W is crisp, and can add an historic or exotic feeling. Actually, B&W is just one of the many color transformations that you can perform with the dotphoto edit function.

Click on any photo, and then the pencil icon in the upper left.  Choose the Effects icon, and then the second effects group, Classic, to try out the effects seen here.

When you Save an edited photo, we recommend that you choose Save as a New Image so that you do not over-write your original photo.

Note that the Strato effect is a film-like effect and even adds the date on which the effect was generated in the lower right corner.

Click here for an illustrated procedure for Color Transformations
Posted: 10/13/2017 11:41:37 AM

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