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New creative headliners take the musical stage

New Creative Headliners Take the Musical Stage this Year

2016 was a year of many losses in the music industry. David Bowie and Prince are two we all probably remember. But on the bright side there are many talented artists who can continue to offer good and maybe even great music.

Our featured photographer, David Valera, a well thought of professional in Los Angeles, specializes in music photography. In one of his recent articles we get a chance to follow him as he offers some of the music artists he thinks will keep us wonderfully entertained now and into the future. Here are two of his top ten from 2016.

We start with Jehnny Beth and the Savages from a show this past April at the El Rey Theatre. Mr. Valera believes this group to be one of the best live bands around now.


Our second photo is of someone that has entertained us for many years and can be seen as a bridge to the new era. It’s Grace Jones who, as Davis Valera sees it, at 68 years of age, is still pushing the boundaries of entertainment.


As we end 2016 and get ready for 2017, you can take a look at our photographer’s top choices here,,

and see entertainers you may be hearing from for years to come.

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Walter Krieg

Posted: 12/20/2016 4:15:18 PM

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