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creating different styles of street photography

A guide to creating different styles of street photography

In the past most of my exposure to street photography has seen it associated with visiting big city scenes and snapping photos that catch folks walking about. Lately I’ve been looking into it more deeply and it turns out there are quite a few different places to take photos in what’s known as street photography and there are many interesting techniques that create different types of attractive photos. I’ll offer you five (5) different approaches to street photography that can help to open your eyes to what experts have made available to us.

The first view we’ll look at is straight from my preconceived notion of street photography with some well done photos that reinforce the genre. The photo you see here is my favorite from the article. It’s from this article:


Now we move along to a variety of places and subjects that go to other “street” locations. Here’s a photo from an article that offers photos and lessons the author learned and is passing along to us about street photography, specifically “10 Valuable Lessons ”.


A few more lessons for beginners at Street Photography are worth seeing in this article from which the next picture is taken:


Next we’ll take a look at photos that are more closely attached to my original thoughts but in mostly black and white.


And more from an article that pushes us away from what are normally thought to be street photos:
Dynamic Street Photography


And our last review really expands the definition of Street Photography: Indoor Street Photography – The Museum


As you can see Street Photography explores locations that are more diverse than my original interpretation of “street”, and with a wide array of methods and techniques.

Let us know what you think.

Walter Krieg

Posted: 11/1/2016 1:34:45 PM

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