What are the benefits of becoming a dotPhoto member?

12 Insanely Great Things about Dotphoto

  1. Dotphoto is a straightforward photo service: share, archive, print and even make money selling prints or downloads. We don’t surround your photos with advertising or push you to buy anything. dotphoto does not sell your data to other companies; this is a major profit center for most of our "free" competitors.
  2. Dotphoto stores your whole image up to 30MB or 36 megapixels. Unlike most competitors, we don’t downsize your files, and you get unlimited storage.
  3. You control your stuff. You can download your photos from dotphoto at any time at no charge or share files with your friends – or order a backup of all your photos on an SD card.
  4. Dotphoto is easy, though it does a lot. You'll find commands in a menu in the upper left: upload, shop, organize, share. For information about your account, tap your account name and choose MyAccount.
  5. Easy to learn. Tap the question mark in the upper right for detailed procedures and videos.
  6. No app required. dotphoto was named Best Mobile Photography Website of 2021. Dotphoto works great on iPhones, Android phones, tablets and other mobile devices – just sign into dotphoto.com.
  7. You can call or write us. If we don’t pick up immediately, we’ll usually respond within an hour. Contact info
  8. 9 cent prints (8.5 cents with weekly newsletter coupon code) with free shipping for any order of $10 or more, which makes dotphoto an even better deal than “free print” sites.
  9. Earn money for yourself, your newspaper or your club by selling photos and gifts on dotphoto. Set your own prices and add your dotphoto link to your website.
  10. Fantastic books!  Hard cover with 100# archival premium paper and FREE shipping. Turn any album into a book or upload photos from your phone or tablet. Complete flexibility, and we'll even help make your book! Book info
  11. Dotphoto’s Frame Shop is the best way to frame a picture. You can see customized frames, mats, and photos in any size up to 42” before you buy.
  12. Dotphoto has been in business since 1999 and is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

dotphoto is your boutique photo service. No ads. Great prices. Excellent support since 1999. 
Preserve, share, print and sell your photos.
At dotPhoto, you'll never have to wait for a sale: you'll get low prices, free shipping, unlimited storage, uploads of 30MB per image, photo editing, phone support, a personal photo website, the ability to earn money by selling your photos, video sharing and much more. dotPhoto members get free shipping on every order of just $9.99 or more, plus everyday low prices on prints, books, posters, frames, and every kind of custom photo merchandise. Here's what dotPhoto will NOT do: display advertising, harass you to "Buy, buy, buy!"  And we will never sell your personal data. Your membership fee supports a more pleasant and economical photography experience. dotphoto is a great way to save, share, print, and sell your photos.

dotPhoto BBB Business Review

50 MORE dotphoto Benefits
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dotPhoto is your boutique photo service for preserving, printing, sharing and selling your photos.  
Only $1.67 a month paid $19.99 annually
  • 240GB Photo Storage with your full-size images up to 30MB each  Our competitors down-size your photos. Compare Google at $23.88 annually for only 100GB of storage.
  • Wholesale Pricing: 9¢ 4x6s, 49¢ 5x7s, and $1.49 8x10s (with weekly newsletter coupon code: 8.5¢ 4x6s, 46¢ 5x7s, and $1.41 8x10s) 
  • Wholesale pricing on hundreds of unique products
  • Free Shipping on every order of just $9.99 or more
  • Earn extra money for yourself or your organization
  • We safeguard your data. We don't sell your data unless you ask us to sell your photos, and then we send you money.
  • Priority FAQ, email, and phone support
  • Founded in 1999
  • A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau

Better Saving & Archiving

Better Sharing

Better Privacy

Better Printing

Better Selling

Better Support

Virtually everything you could want from a reliable, wholesale photo site.

dotPhoto provides a better photo way to organize, archive and share your photos.

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