How do I keep an album private? How can I share privately?

dotPhoto enables you to password protect any album or group of albums.  A password-protected album will be hidden from anyone who is invited into your account who does not sign in the that password.

The same password used on multiple albums will show ALL those albums PLUS the albums that have NO passwords. This is a good way to create sets of albums that you want to share with different groups of people. To prevent guests from seeing ALL your albums, add a guest password to MyAccount that is different from your album passwords. When you share a password-protected album, 

If multiple albums have the same password, and you invite someone to see one album, they will be able to see all the albums that share that password.  They will also see all albums that have no password.

To set an Album password:

  1. Click on any album.
  2. Click on the Organize bar on the left.
  3. Click on Album Settings under the Organize bar.
  4. Enter a password.
  5. Click on Save.

To share a private album

Go into the album, choose Share from the menu on the left, copy the album sharing link, and send that link to your friend. No password is required when someone uses that link. Note that if you post a private link, anyone who sees that post will be able to access the album.

How to add a guest password to your account

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