How do I set prices for my photos?

How do I set prices for my photos?

  1. Sign into your dotPhoto account.
  2. Choose the MyAccount option from the drop-down menu in the upper right.
  3. Choose the Selling Your Photos on the left and Set Custom Price Plans from that menu. 
    NOTE: If you have not already added your payee information under Pay Me!, you will not be able to set customer prices.
    NOTE2: You will only "see" the custom prices if you sign in as a guest to your own account. When you sign in as yourself, you see the standard dotphoto pricing.

How can I see the "base" price so that I can set reasonable prices for my products?

To get an idea of the lowest possible "base" price that dotPhoto charges Club customers, go to your pricing plan, choose Add standard dollar markup, set the markup to one cent, and choose Select All Products. All available products will be set to one cent more than dotPhoto charges Club customers, and you can overwrite these prices with your own. Don't forget to Save when you're finished setting prices!


  • Books and custom frames cannot be re-sold because they are custom products with too many options to price and anticipate.
  • When you first set up pricing, you establish the Account Plan, which becomes the default pricing plan for your account.
  • You can set up additional pricing plans

  • The Pricing Plan requires at least a 1-cent markup. If you want to offer albums with virtually no markup, you can either (1) create another dotPhoto account or (2) create a plan called, for instance, No Markup, add 0.01 to each product, and apply the the No Markup plan to those albums. 

  • All sub-albums will always use the same pricing plan as their parent album, so please note that, if you change the pricing in an album, you are also changing the pricing for all of its sub-albums.
  • The only way to test your pricing is to sign out of your account, and view your account as a guest. Since account owners see standard prices, you may think that custom-pricing is not working because you are signed into your own account.
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