dotPhoto Pros: How do I get paid by dotPhoto?

Tax reporting considerations

  • Customers in other countries can sell through dotPhoto, but must accept payments through PayPal.
  • Tax IDs are not required for payments made through PayPal because PayPal tracks and reports payments.
  • Tax IDs ARE required when paid by check.
dotPhoto pays professional photographers 30 days after the month in which the sale took place: for instance, sales in January are paid in March. This helps ensure that sales were not returned, refused, or invalidated. If a customer returns the items sold, you will not receive credit for that sale.
To be paid, accounts must either be paid via PayPal or have a valid business tax number (Federal ID #) or social security number for reporting purposes. If paid  by PayPal, we do not require a tax number because PayPal will handle the tax reporting.  You must supply a working telephone number and email address, so that we can contact you about payment questions, returned shipments, incorrect addresses, and other issues associated with reselling.
PayPal payments
dotPhoto pays by PayPal, which ensures that you receive your money quickly, and that checks are not "lost in the mail."  If you or your business do not already have a PayPal account, you can open a free account here: 

To set up payment through PayPal, please enter your PayPal email address in the dotPhoto MyAccount PayMe page.

Check Payments
You may also be paid by check. As of October 2019, there is no extra fee for check printing and mailing.

Establishing your Tax ID - Only required for non-PayPal payments

  1. In the main menu on the left, tap on Sell.
  2. Click on Pay Me!
  3. Scroll down and enter your payment information and your company's Tax ID or your personal social security number. The federal government requires that dotPhoto record that information so that, if we pay you more than a certain amount that the government sets every year, dotPhoto can issue you a form 1099. As of 2018, the threshold amount for a 1099 was $600 annually.

Payments for sales made prior to April 2013

dotPhoto was sold in an asset transaction in April 2013. The previous owners -- -- maintained the liability for any sales made prior to that date.

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