Custom Framed Prints

TIP: The Custom Frame Shop prints whatever image you supply. If you are not satisfied with your image, crop or edit it with dotPhoto's Online Editor.

To create a framed print, first choose a photo that you want to frame. Unless you choose a photo first, the custom frame shop has nothing to work with. Choose a photo by entering any album, and tapping the Check Box under the picture you are choosing.

Custom Framed Prints

dotPhoto's Custom Framed Prints are the finest available anywhere.

You can see how your framed print looks before you place your order.

  • The dotPhoto Custom Print Shop provides every option you find at the best print framing shops, but it's less expensive and faster.
  • The price of the print is included in the framing. 
  • No cropping is required: you can frame any type of print because dotPhoto builds the frame according to your photo size.  
  • Long panoramic prints can be printed and custom-framed.
  • Choose up to three mats and specify widths and colors.  
  • Choose from three types of glass including Museum Glass or two types of Acrylic Plexiglas. 

Sample Custom-Framed Configuration

  • Framed Photo Print
  • Wide Matte Black with Nickel Silver
  • Accent Frame
  • 2.5 Inch Light Blue Top Mat
  • Blackest Black Bottom Mat
  • Non-Glare Glass

Custom Framed Prints are highly customized for your specific needs: Standard Framed Prints are available in industry-standard sizes.
How can I custom-frame a print on dotPhoto?

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