What is a watermark? How can I protect my images from theft by copying?

NOTE: On March 30, 2024, dotphoto changed its watermark to more fully obscure a photo. Instead of the word proof in three sizes, watermarking is now either "on" or "off" during the upload. 

Watermarks protect important images for which you own the rights. 

dotphoto protects your photos in two ways:
  1. Your original image is never available to viewers who see only a screen-sized image; the full-sized image is parked on dotphoto servers and only used when someone prints a photo. 
  2. When uploading your images, turn ON the watermark feature. If someone copies the photo from the screen, they will only capture a picture that contains the watermark across the entirephoto. 
The watermark only appears to guests.
While signed into your own account, you will NOT see the word watermark on your photos. You are looking at your own photos, so there is no reason to obscure them with the watermark. To see the watermark displayed, sign out of your dotphoto account, and view your account as a guest. It can be helpful to open an "incognito" window before you sign in as a guest.

Guests will see this watermark:

To add a Watermark
During the upload, set the watermark to Small, Medium or Large. You cannot add a watermark AFTER photos are uploaded unless you delete the photos and re-upload with the watermark feature engaged.

To change, add, or remove watermarks

Sorry, but you will need to upload the image again to change, add, or remove the watermarks because the presentations are created at the point of upload. Watermarks create two additional files: screen and thumbnail images with the word "proof" that are displayed only to your guests.

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