Why is dotphoto better than "free print" services?

Online sites that offer free prints are billing much more for shipping and charging more for other simple services:

"Free print" sites limit you in many other ways. For instance:

  • "Free print" sites add print cost to high-priced shipping. At dotphoto, shipping is free on any order of $10 or more.
  • Only 1 print of each image You pay much higher prices for extra copies! (4xx6 prints are always just 9 cents - 8.5 cents with newsletter coupon code - at dotphoto!)
  • Only 85 prints per month  (At dotphoto, unlimited printing AND unlimited full-size storage!)
  • Only 1000 prints per year (At dotphoto, you can place 1000 prints per order!)
  • And the most important: Pay much more for shipping!

Here's a simple comparison of 206 prints at the "free prints" site versus the same order at dotphoto:

dotphoto is a better value on 4x6 prints, AND dotphoto is an archival service that also offers lower prices on everything else -- with free shipping on any order of $10 or more.

dotPhoto is your boutique photo service for preserving, printing, sharing and selling your photos.  

Only $1.67 a month paid $19.99 annually

  • Unlimited Photo Storage with your full-size images up to 30MB each (Our competitors down-size your photos)
  • Wholesale Pricing: 9¢ 4x6s, 49¢ 5x7s, and $1.49 8x10s (with weekly newsletter coupon code: 8.5¢ 4x6s, 46¢ 5x7s, and $1.41 8x10s) 
  • Wholesale pricing on hundreds of unique products
  • Free Shipping on every order of just $9.99 or more
  • Earn extra money for yourself or your organization
  • We safeguard your data. We don't sell your data unless you ask us to sell your photos, and then we send you money.
  • Priority FAQ, email, and phone support
  • Founded in 1999
  • A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau

Better Saving & Archiving

Better Sharing

Better Privacy

Better Printing

Better Selling

Better Support

Virtually everything you could want from a reliable, wholesale photo site.

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