What is the largest image that dotphoto stores?

Today's cameras capture increasingly large resolution and can generate files many gigabytes in size. dotphoto stores the largest images that are meaningful unless you are printing printing billboards or have a specialized, scientific imaging application. Most of our competitors including Facebook and "free" services down-size your photos after ten days and again after a year. For photographers, this means that your older photos on other services will not print clearly and that you will not be able to "zoom in" to see detail in groups. dotphoto does not down-size our Club member's photos.

As of 12/18/17, Facebook's help section notes: "To avoid compression when you upload your cover photo, make sure the file size is less than 100KB." This is a very small file for most dotphoto photographers. Most "free" photo sites severely downsize your images after a week and a year because their business models are based on printing or advertising. They are not designed to be services that care for your photos; they are designed to maximize advertising or printing, and they understand that your old photos will produce less revenue than your new photos, so they reduce their costs by severely reducing the size of your photos.

How big an image does dotphoto store?

As of July, 2016 dotphoto increased its image size up to 6000 dots (or pixels) on a single side. When the longest side is 6000, the other side is proportional.  Any image of 6000 dots on a side is large enough to make a high-quality print of any product printed at dotphoto. If an image is larger than 6000 dots on a side, it will be reduced to 6000 on the longest side and proportionately on the shortest side.

A 6000 x 6000 dot image is 36 million dots or 36 megapixels.

The largest upload allowed is 30 megabytes per file, which is a huge file -- especially for a JPG.  Since we recommend no more than 1000 photos per upload, the largest group of photos to upload would be about 30,000 MB or 30 GB.

By comparison, as of January 2018, Facebook does not accept images larger than 100K. Also, many online services downsize your photos the week after they are uploaded and again after a year, so the photos you archived may not be the ones that you get back. dotphoto does not downsize your photos.
The size limit for free accounts is 6MB.

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