Is there a free account for just printing? How do I upgrade my Print Account?

dotPhoto Print Accounts are free, and are designed for people who periodically want to print photos at the lowest prices.

Print Accounts are limited to 365 photos, and require a login every six months to remain active. Inactive accounts are considered abandoned, and are deleted. Accounts that upload more than 365 photos are locked until upgraded. Print-only accounts are free accounts in which users delete their photos after submitting orders and before closing a session; if a session ends with more than 365 photos, the account is locked until upgraded. Print-only accounts can print up to 1000 images per order. Free and print-only accounts do not receive free shipping on orders over $10.

At dotphoto, our mission is to help people and businesses organize, print, preserve, share and sell photos.  

We offer extraordinary services, excellent prices, free shipping, and many unique services for our club members. See:

New members can join the Club Plan with a 100% Satisfaction 30-Day Guarantee, so there is no risk to join.

To upgrade a Print account, please tap here:

dotphoto is the wholesale club for saving, printing, sharing and selling your photos.
dotPhoto members get free shipping on every order of just $9.99 or more, plus everyday low prices on prints, books, posters, frames, and every kind of custom photo merchandise. At dotPhoto, you'll never have to wait for a sale: you'll get low prices, free shipping, unlimited storage, uploads of 20MB per image, photo editing, phone support, a personal photo web site, the ability to earn money by selling your photos, video sharing and much more. Here's what dotPhoto will NOT do: display advertising, harass you to "Buy, buy, buy!"  And we will never sell your personal data. Your membership fee supports a more pleasant and economical photography experience. dotphoto is a great way to save, share, print, and sell your photos.

50 dotPhoto Benefits

dotPhoto is the wholesale club for saving, printing, sharing and selling your photos.  Only $1.67 a month paid $19.99 annually
  • Unlimited Photo Storage with your full-size images up to 20MB each (Our competitors down-size your photos)
  • Wholesale Pricing: 8¢ 4x6s, 49¢ 5x7s, and $1.49 8x10s
  • Wholesale pricing on hundreds of unique products
  • Free Shipping on every order of just $9.99 or more
  • Earn extra money for yourself or your organization
  • Priority FAQ, email, and phone support
  • Founded in 1999
  • A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau

Better Saving & Archiving

Better Sharing

Better PrivacyBetter PrintingBetter SellingBetter SupportVirtually everything you could want from a reliable, wholesale photo site.

The dotPhoto Club enables us to provide a better photo experience because we don't have to push sales and ads when you are trying to organize and share your photos. Our goal is provide a safe forum for your photos and the best value for photo printing.

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