How can I create a Full Print Athletic T-Shirt?

How can I create a Full Print Athletic T-Shirt?


  1. Click on the SHOP button at the top the page.
  2. Find Full Print Shirts in Apparel or type Full Print into the search box. If you are browsing on a phone, the arrow button will enter the search term and remove your keyboard so you can see the whole screen. The X button brings back all products and clears the search box.

  3. Choose your size. For instance, tap on the Full Print T-Shirt L for a Large shirt.
  4. Detailed information about the product is displayed. Tap on the green Create button. (You will never be billed until you actually place the order. This is only the design stage.) If you want to choose a different product, tap the Close button.

  5. The design screen loads.  If you decide you want a different product, tap the Shop button again. 
  6. Choose Albums.

  7. Place your image. Tap on the Images button, and then the Album button to produce your list of albums. Choose an album. To place an image: (1) Click on the shirt and (2) click on the image you want to use.  The image will appear on the shirt.

  8. Edit and position your photos on the front and back of the shirt. Click on a the shirt to produce the Edit menu on left. By clicking on the Edit Menu, you can zoom in, change colors, rotate or remove the photo on your product. You can also click on the photo and hold the mouse button to position the photo by dragging it right, left, up or down. The photo may not move unless you zoom in on it first. NOTE: if you zoom in too far, the photo may have too little resolution to print well. Keep important design elements within the gray zone of the shirt. For instance, in the example below, the faces are within the gray zone.

  9. Add a photo to the back. If you do not add a photo, the back of the shirt may be white.  In the upper right corner, choose Back to add a photo to the back of the shirt. You can use the same image as on the front, or you can try some clever visual ideas such as (1) a thematic image related to the front image -- for instance, graduation mortar boards being tossed into the air (2) a photo taken of the back of the people who are on the front of the shirt, (3) a funny slogan.

                      A different image for the back of a shirt

  10. When you are satisfied with your design, click on the [ Add to cart ] button at the top of the screen.  If you do not see the Add to Cart button, use your right browser bar to scroll up. Many products also enable you to Save Project so you can revise and order it later. 
  11. Check out and pay for your order.  To complete your order, go to the cart by clicking on View Cart or the Cart button in the upper right. The cart is where you can review your order and Proceed to Check out. Your order will not be placed until you confirm all options at the end of the checkout process. 

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