Can I print on the back of my photos? Does dotPhoto offer backprinting?


We recommend 4 x 6 prints for documentation that requires back-printing (medical, real estate, and other documentation applications.) While 3.5 x 5 prints have historically provided back-printing, we can no longer guarantee the reliability of the back-printing process on 3.5 x 5 prints.  3.5 x 5 prints are lower volume products now and are actually more expensive than 4 x 6 prints. dotphoto recommends that our customers print on 4 x 6 or 4 x D prints for reliable back-printing.

dotPhoto back-prints on 4x6, 4xD, and 5x7 prints.
(4xD = digital size of 4" x 5.33")

The back-print text is based on what is selected in the MyAccount settings for the photo owner's account.

The default is the photo file name or caption on the left and the photo taken date (or upload date) on the right. Depending on the length of the caption, the photo date shows less detail to fit in 40 characters.

To setup back printing:

  1. Login to your dotPhoto account.
  2. Click on MyAccount at the top of the page.
  3. Under Account Settings, choose Printing Options.
  4. Choose your options.
  5. Tap the green Save Settingsbutton.

Recommended Best Practice for Back-Printing

  1. In the MyAccount section, choose Photo title for your back-printing. This will give you the full 40 characters including spaces to describe your print.
  2. Use dotphoto's Edit Title tool under the Organize menu to create new titles for your photos.
  3. To make it easy to sort your photos, add the year and month at the beginning of the title. For instance: 2022-08 for August of 2022
  4. To make it easy to identify in the future, add the name of the event and the main person involved. For instance, GA Little League Finals Timmy Johnson
  5. The entire back-printed label would be 2022-08 GA Little League Tim Johnson (35 characters including spaces)
  6. If you have a series of photos, consider establishing an abbreviation of the vent on the first print, and use the abbreviation on subsequent photos. For instance, 2022-08 GA Little League = GLL1 Subsequent photos would be 2022-08 GLL2 Tim Johnson & Scott Frost

Tap here for info on how to edit your titles that will appear on back-printing.

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