How can I update titles and captions? Where do they appear?

  • Pictures have both titles (short descriptions) and captions (longer descriptions). 
  • The original title is the file name of the image when it is uploaded, though the title will be truncated to 39 characters including spaces.
  • The caption provides reference information for you, but a shortened version of the caption will also display in the second line of the image in the photo viewer and on My Web Site.

You can modify the titles and add captions by (1) entering the album whose titles and captions you want to edit and (2) choosing Edit Titles from the Organize menu.

Editing titles and captions:

Where do they appear?

The titles display in the dotPhoto viewer with the captions in smaller text beneath them.

On dotPhoto My Web Site

Note that both the title and the caption display in the photo on My Web Site image below.

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