How can I sell pre-built dotphoto products on my web site or in tweets and emails?

Sell Pre-Built dotphoto Products

Why sell pre-built photo products?

You can set the cropping and ensure proper resolution to make it easy for your customers to purchase: just one click adds a pre-built product to a guest cart, and charges your custom price for the product. You can use the dotphoto purchase link with your own graphics or simply send your Pre-Built Product page link. 

For example...

You can have a graphic like this one on your web page or in an email that is connected to your dotphoto "buy" link. Try it: click on the image of the phone case, and you'll see how easy it is to purchase...

How it works

  1. Make any product and save it as a project. More on saving and retrieving projects
  2. Click on the new Sell link in the main menu, and choose Sell Pre-Built Products
  3. Send the pre-built product link to friends or right-click copy the link are a particular product.
    Keep in mind that any saved projects you have in your projects will be visible.

Your unique Pre-Built Products Link

Just share the link from your Sell Pre-Built Products page,  and your customers can go right into your custom product store. Your link will look something like this:

You can also click on your Pre-Built Products link (find it here:, and copy links from individual items that you want to paste into your emails, tweets, or website. Here's an example of a graphic with a pre-built-product link attached:

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