What is in the My Projects? How can I save my dotphoto design projects?

After signing into dotphoto, you can tap the down arrow to choose My Projects, which is where you can keep design projects you are working on. This is especially helpful for complex products like calendars and cards, or in situations when you want to show the project to someone else before ordering.

dotphoto presents images of your saved projects that you can tap to return to the project design.

To save a project, tap the black Save Project button in the top right when working on the project.

Save more than one version of your project.

As of September 2018, we have changed the way we auto-name projects so that you can save more than one similar project. This enables you to save multiple versions or, when making cards, to save the save version with different text to different people. NOTE: the dotphoto cart does not allow duplicates, but photos that are different by even one pixel are considered unique. With cards, the cart considers the first image. To place more than one of the same product in the cart, you can use a different photo or slightly crop and save-as-new the same photo.

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