4x6 Postcards in either Glossy or Matte Printing

In this example, the photo has been edited in the dotphoto editor to add text prior to being added to the postcard.

Click here to see how to add text to a photo

How to make a postcard

  1. Go to Shop on the top menu.
  2. Click on postcard in the card menu, or search for postcard.
  3. Choose glossy or matte printing.
  4. Choose an album and the photo within the album.

dotphoto Postcards are great for "Save the date" notes, "Thank you" notes, or even annual holiday cards. Add custom photos or artwork to the color side. Choose glossy or matte printing. Write in pen on the back.

  • Thickness: 110# Card Stock
  • Size: 4" x 6"
  • Best Print Reesolution 1200 x 1800
  • Acceptable Print Resolution: 800 x 1200
  • Color Options: Full-bleed Imaging

Related Questions

Does this size qualify for the postcard rate at the U.S. Post Office?


Does this include a stamp?

No. The U.S. rate of postcard stamps in 2018 is 35 cents.

Can I order matte and glossy postcards on the same order"?

Yes. Postcards are custom products (not prints) and you can choose either matte postcards or glossy postcards, so you can mix the products on the same order.

Can I put any design on the front of the postcard?

Yes. Treat the 4x6 print space as your own design. You can also use the dotphoto editor to add text and messages to your photo on the front. For instance, "Save the date..." "You're invited to a party..." etc.

What is on the back of the postcard? Can I change the design on the back? Can I write or print on the back?

The back of the postcard has the traditional, regulated postcard design with room for address and stamp. Sorry, but this design cannot be changed. This is a standard card stock, so you can write in pen or use a computer printer to apply a message and address to the card. If you use a computer printer, we recommend running a blank 4x6 card through to ensure that you have the correct size and orientation for your printer.

How can I create a photo product on dotPhoto?

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