How can I make a Backup Book?

A Backup Book is an inexpensive way to backup photos fast and easily. You can make a Backup Book that prints about 780 photos in about 5 minutes by following these instructions.

1. Run the dotphoto book software on your computer.

The local software has more automatic options than the online book builder because building books on a computer is more efficient than building them across the Internet. You can download the software by tapping here.

2. Get your photos together in an album.

If you need to download photos from dotphoto on your computer, go into your dotphoto albums, choose Organize, and then Download.

3. Choose the size book.

Our most popular size is 8x11 Classic, but you can choose any size. Larger sizes can accommodate more photos per page.

4. Choose a paper type.

We offer four styles of paper. Since this is a backup book and price is an issue, choose Regular Digital Print Paper for the best price.

5. Choose a book cover.

Since a Backup Book has many pages, we recommend either the Hard Cover or Soft Cover (The booklet binding uses lighter weight paper, and would be a lower quality archive.)

6. Choose the Photo Book Assistant

This will design your Backup Book in just a few minutes.

7. Choose your photo albums and drag them into your book design.

8. Set the maximum number of page numbers and choose 5 or 6 photos per page.

This assumes that you have many hundreds of photos to backup. The maximum number of pages for this book is 130. The photos per page is an average: the designer will create an interesting layout automatically with varying numbers of photos on each page, but an average of your choice. Some photos will be smaller and some larger.  At 6 per page, your book will hold 780 photos; at 5 per page, your book will hold 650 photos.

You can make more than one book. (If you want to use the SAVE49 coupon on all books, you will need to place multiple orders because the coupon only applies once per cart.)

When you have set the page numbers, tap Select a Style button in the bottom right.

9. Choose a style on the left.

Black pages are popular for Backup Books. When you drag the style to the right (the book design area, the dotphoto Book Software will begin designing your book.

10. Review your book.

Tap the Change page directions to flip pages.

To adjust photos, choose the Browse and Edit button.  You can quickly handle small edits. For instance, tap on a photo, and then tap-and-hold it to drag a photo within its frame.

Ordering your book

Tap the Add to shopping cart button in the lower right.

Use code SAVE49 at checkout to save $49 on a book over $79.  More on how to apply the SAVE49 code

Cost per Photo in a Backup Book

As of this writing, the book described above is $84.95 after the $49 savings. With 780 photos, the cost per photo in this professionally bound "Backup Book" is less than 10.9 cents. Shipping is included. Your cost will vary depending on the number of pages, number of photos per page, quality of paper, and choice of binding.

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