How can I use the dotphoto book coupon code with the desktop software?

The special dotphoto book coupon provides a $49 discount on any book of $79 or more. This enables you to get the best photo books on earth with the finest paper, bindings, and printing options for just $30 -- or save $49 on every premium book.

The coupon code is SAVE49

It will apply $49 off a single order, so, if you want $49 off more than one book, please place multiple orders greater than $79.

Depending on the version of your software, the coupon code may be at the beginning or the end of the order process:

Newer versions accept the coupon code AFTER choosing the credit card:

Older versions have an opportunity to enter the coupon code when you sign in and enter the cart:

How the SAVE49 coupon works

  • In checkout, use coupon code SAVE49
  • Applies to 8x8, 8x11, 11x8, 12x12, 11x14 Pro and 16.5 Pro
  • Only one book per order, but, if you want multiple copies of a book, the¬†coupon works on multiple orders. (The discount logic looks for one book at a time.)
  • This is not a sale: it is good year round.
  • Minimum book price is $79; with $49 off, you can buy a large book with many pages for only $30.
  • Applies only on books built with software downloaded from or ordered through

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