How can I view, make and share slideshows?

  1. To view and share slideshows, click on any photo.
  2. When viewing a photo, there is an icon menu in the upper right.
  3. The second icon from the left is the sharing icon.

  4. The third icon with the right arrow is the slideshow icon.

Viewing a Slideshow

Click or tap the slideshow icon. The show will start from the first photo in your album and play through to the end at the speed in seconds in the lower left corner of the show. The default rate is 3 seconds per slide, but you can increase or decrease the number of seconds with the +/- keys.

Control the slideshow using the controls around the sides:

  • To close the show and return to the album's photos, click in the upper-left corner.
  • Change the speed of the slide show by clicking the plus or minus keys in the lower-left corner.
  • To move faster than the default rate, click the forward and back arrows on the right and left.
  • To pause or re-start the show, click in the lower right corner.

Making a Slideshow

Every album can be played as a slideshow, but you can also create an album specifically for a slideshow, copy photos to that album, rearrange the photos as you like, and then share that album as a slideshow.  TIP: if you want to fill up the screen, make sure your slideshow images are at least 900 pixels tall.

How to create a new album

How to copy photos from album to another

How to rearrange photos in an album

Sharing a Slideshow

When viewing a photo (not the slideshow), click or tap on the sharing icon:

The next page contains a link to the slideshow that you can copy and paste to your email, web site, forum, Facebook, Twitter or other sharing tool. 

Clicking the Copy button will usually copy the link; however, certain browsers and phones may not enable the copy button. You can also select the entire link, copy the link directly, and paste it into your sharing tool. 

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