How do I create a new album or sub-album?

There are two ways to create a new album:

1. Create a new album or sub-album where you can copy, move and organize photos.

Albums can have sub-albums that help keep photos organized. For instance, a professional photographer might have albums organized like this:




To create an album, go to the top-level of albums by clicking on the MyAlbums link:

To create a sub-album, click into any album, and follow the same procedures below to create an album.

In the menu on the left, click Organize and then Create Album.

Name your album and click the green Create New Album button below. This takes you to the upload screen; if you do not want to upload, click on the Albumsbutton to go back to albums.

  • If you add a passwordto the new album, your guests will not be able to view your album without the password.
  • If you add a categoryto your album, the album will appear in dotPhoto's public galleries in that category.
  • Professional photographers can use Event Start and End Dates to make event photos available for purchase during a defined period after the event.

2. Create a new album during upload.

During the Upload procedure, click on the New link and follow the procedure above.

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