How can I share my dotphoto photos to Facebook or other social media?

There are two ways to share from dotphoto to Facebook:

1. Copy and paste any photo from dotphoto to Facebook or other social media

dotphoto keeps up to a 30MB photo while Facebook shrinks your photos to less than 100K. You can upload hundreds of photos to dotphoto, pick the best ones, crop them on dotphoto, and paste them right into your Facebook post. Since Facebook stores smaller images, you'll have a smaller photo on Facebook, but you'll have the full-sized image on dotphoto.

To copy a photo, click on it, and choose CTRL-C

To paste, click into you Facebook paste, and choose CTRL-V

2. Use dotphoto Sharing Tools

1. Choose a dotPhoto album or photo to share, and click on a photo.

2. lick on the Share button in the top left of the photo  

3. On the next page, click on the Facebook icon in the share icons (see the illustration below) -- or copy and paste the Album or Slideshow link to your Facebook page.

Add information about the album and then click on Share Link:

If you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be prompted to log in during this process.

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