How can I add comments to my albums?

You can save your full-sized photos to a dotphoto album and post them to Facebook in one easy step: just add a comment at the bottom of your dotphoto album, and select the Also post on Facebook check box.  You're done.

dotphoto will also collect comments from your Facebook friends in your album. You and your friends can Like or Reply to comments just as you do on Facebook.

Publishing to Facebook is optional. If you want your photos to be accessible on Facebook, do not use a password on your album or a guest password on your dotphoto account. 

Comments are found at the bottom of every dotphoto album.

To share and comment on a single photo

  1. Create a new album with the Organize / Create Album command.
  2. Copy the photo to the album you just created with the Organize / Copy command.
  3. Comment in the album that contains one photo.

To add your comments and your albums to Facebook

Tap the Also post on Facebook checkbox in the comment before your post it.

What you'll see on Facebook

Your first comment becomes your post, and your friends can comment as they usually do. The first photo in the album is displayed on Facebook, and friends can click on that photo to see your whole album.

Troubleshooting & Privacy

A Facebook account is required to use the comment feature. Facebook accounts are free.

Comments are public because they involve more than one person. If your comments or photos are not showing up on Facebook, make sure that the album you are sharing does not a password by tapping on Organize / Album Settings within that album.

What if I don't want comments?

Add a password to your albums in Organize / Album Settings.

Don't share your albums.

You do not have to share your comments on Facebook: that is an option that is only activated when you click the Facebook check box.

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