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Why Should You Be Using dotphoto?

Since 1999, dotphoto has been committed to excellent support and great prices on all of your photos. Our service is straightforward and simple to use, and allows you to share, archive, and print all of your photos – and even make money off photo sales! With a dotphoto subscription, you are in complete control of your pictures and can download and share them at any time with no additional charge.

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Unlimited Photo Storage for only $19.99 annually

Our subscription lets you download your entire image with a maximum size of 30 megabytes or 36 megapixels, more than double the maximum allowed by Google’s photo storage services. Photo prints are available for as little as eight cents per copy, and free shipping is included on any purchase of $10 or more. Unlike photo storage services such as Facebook, we will never downsize your photos, and we will never sell your data to any other company.

Beyond photo sharing, there is so much more you can do with a dotphoto subscription. You can send customized folding photo cards (including postage!) for only $1.99 through our services. We also offer various ways to frame your pictures through our Frame Shop, and we enable easy crossover with Facebook to archive all of your photos, likes, and comments into one system.

If you’re sick of other cluttered and busy photo sharing sites riddled with advertisements everywhere, the good news is that’s NOT what you will be getting with dotphoto. Our website is easy to learn and use, and is free of any advertisements and pressure to “buy now!” Our website has also been optimized for the best user-friendly experience on both our desktop and mobile sites. While most web pages require you to download another app that takes up storage on your iPhone or Android, ours is user-friendly enough that you’ll never need one!

The best part is that all of these services are available for a low annual price of $19.99. That’s only $1.67 per month with unlimited storage – nearly $100 cheaper than services such as SmugMug or Google’s 1TB plan. It’s hard to beat a price this low for all of the services that dotphoto has to offer.

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