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dotphoto’s Picture Frame Shop
dotphoto’s Picture Frame Shop

If you want to display your photos in your home, office, or other settings, you need a beautiful frame to go along with it. dotphoto’s picture frame shop offers a variety of beautiful frames to display your memories of you and your loved ones. With so many different varieties, you will have no trouble finding the perfect frame for your most important pictures!

dotphoto knows that the moments you capture mean a lot to you, which is why our frames can be made in any size with standard and custom options for every possibility. You will not have to pay a separate fee for printing your photo, as it is included in the pricing for each frame! We also make sure you don’t have to pay for something you might not like, so we let you preview each picture before you confirm your order!

Buying from our frame shop is easy! All you need to do is check off the picture or pictures in your album you wish to have framed. From there, you can select your sizing, finish, and any other selection you have from our standard or custom frame shop!

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Standard Framed Prints

We feature a variety of standard picture frames in our shop in both black satin and walnut finishes. These styles are available in all sizes ranging from 5x7 to 20x30, and let you choose between white and off-white mats. Including a mat with your frame is optional, of course, and as we mentioned, you can preview your frame to see if one is right for capturing the moment. While custom frames allow for more options and variety, these are still an easy and economically-friendly option that you won’t find at other online frame shops.

Custom Framed Prints

The best part about dotphoto’s frames is that they can all be customized to your liking! Once you select the picture you would like to frame, we let you call the shots. You can choose up to three different mats with specific widths and colors, with your choice of three types of glass, including Museum Glass and Acrylic Plexi Glasses. Each glass in our frame shop is non-glare, so they can be placed in any room and any lighting and still be displayed! No need to worry about cropping out crucial parts of your picture, either! Our shop will build the frames based around the size of your photo, so every piece of your memory can be captured.

These prints and frames are all available through a subscription to dotphoto’s online storage service and shop. It’s easy to sign up for and costs only a fraction of the price of other larger photo storage services. Give dotphoto’s subscription service a try today, and if you’re not satisfied, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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