Where can I order bulk prints? What is the best deal on prints?

As of November 2016, the best deal on small prints (4x6 and 4xD) is the dotPhoto Club membership.  Simply join the dotPhoto Club and you'll get 8 cent prints all the time -- whether you order 1 or 1000. dotPhoto still offers Bulk packages on many other products.
  • Bulk prints are discounted credits that you buy for use within one year.
  • Bulk prints can only be purchased by Club Members.
  • To buy, login to your account and click here:  https://www.dotphoto.com/BuyBulkPrints.asp

Or follow this path: 

  1. Login into your dotPhoto account.
  2. Click on the My Account link at the top.
  3. Click on Order Bulk Prints.
How to get free shipping on Bulk Prints
Bulk print credits don't count toward the free shipping threshold, but you can still get free shipping on the entire order when you buy just $9.99 or more of any product.  Add a mug to your orders, and you're got free shipping on the entire order -- including your bulk prints.
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