Should I crop or leave my photos uncropped? How can I perfectly crop a photo?

Should I use 4x6 or 4xD sizes?

4xD is often the best print choice because it displays the entire photo without cropping for many (but not all) digital cameras. 4xD is 4" x 5.33", which is a ratio of 5.33/4 or 1.33   The ratio for a 4x6 is 6/4 or 1.5. 

You can check the ratio of your photos in two ways:

1. Edit titles
Enter an album, choose Organize, then Edit Titles. Divide the longest side by the shortest: in this case, 1600/1200 = 1.3333.  If most of your photo have the same ratio, then the 4xD is perfect for you.

2. The photo editor
Choose a photo, tap the pencil icon to enter the editor, choose Image and Canvas Size. If the ratio is 4:3 or 1.33, then 4xD is the best choice for small photos that do not need to be cropped. A ratio of 3:2 or 1.5 is perfect for 4x6 prints.


How can I crop individual prints?

To crop an image in the dotPhoto cart, click on the picture or on the pencil icon.

  • To print the entire image, click the Uncrop button. This may leave white space on two sides, but you will print the entire image.
  • To see the default crop, click Reset. This will print the largest possible image on the print size you have selected.
  • To pick a freeform area to print, drag a node of the dotted crop box. To move the crop box, click-and-hold the inside of the crop box and drag it in any direction. The shape of the crop box will not change because it is the same shape as the print your have chosen. The crop box will not get any smaller than the lowest possible resolution for the picture you are printing.
  • Click Save when you have finished cropping.

Once you crop (or uncrop) an image, the image that you will print appears in your cart. This is called WYSIWIG -- What You See Is What You Get.

How can I turn cropping on or off for all prints in an order?

In the cart, click on the Print Options button, choose Crop All or Uncrop All, then save your choice. If neither button is selected, your cart has mixed cropping: some photos are cropped and some are uncropped.  Note that if you select Uncrop All, you will see your entire images, but they may have white space on two sides.

How can I change a photo crop from landscape to portrait or portrait to landscape?

The dotPhoto Edit feature can perfectly crop a photo to almost any size, and can turn the cropping window from landscape to portrait or from portrait to landscape. This is a useful feature for a special photo. (You can only edit photos in your own account; you cannot edit photos that are owned by another photographer.)

More on using the dotphoto cropping tools

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