Why is my account inactive?

Your account has been inactive for over two years. Our grace period for upgrading to the Club Membership in order to retain the account ended October 2009. Since you did not purchase a membership in the allotted time and we no longer have access to our old storage systems, your account has been deleted.

In order to inform you of your dotPhoto Account status we communicated to you as follows:

  • In the month of September 2009 we sent you three e-mails.
  • All notifications were sent to the e-mail address listed on your account (typically the e-mail address you entered when joining dotPhoto ).
  • As part of the terms and conditions you agreed to when signing up, you are required to keep a valid email address on your account. We require this because it is the only way we can communicate with you about your account status.
  • Also, in every email communication we send you, we outline how to ensure emails from dotPhoto do not wind up in your Spam filter. We also have a viewable FAQ on our site outlining this.
  • The three emails we sent you let know about the updated terms and conditions of dotPhoto. Because no purchase was made from your account in the last two years, a membership was required to maintain your account.

Your account was not upgraded by Sept. 30th 2009 or by the end of the extended grace period.  Your account is now inactive and non-recoverable.

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