How do I upload photos?

dotphoto Upload Guidelines

  • dotphoto uploads JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF and BMP files. All files are converted to JPG files on dotphoto. If you download them later, you will download JPG files. Apple devices can also upload HEIC (HEIF) files.
  • Files larger than 6000 dots or pixels on a single side will be reduced to 6000 pixels. This is sufficient for printing every product that dotphoto offers.
  • Club, Family and other paid members can now upload files up to 30MB each. The size limit for free members is 6MB. Files larger than 6MB can be re-sized with Irfanview in batch mode (Windows users only). Mac users can batch re-size images in OSX: click here for info.

Upload photos from your phone or computer

Uploading from an Android phone 
(This is very similar to uploading from a computer.)

Uploading from an Apple iPhone


The upload works best in the Chrome browser.

  1. Sign into dotPhoto.
  2. Click in the album into which you want to upload, or click on the Organize bar on the left, and Create Album.
  3. Click on Upload in the menu on the left.

  4. Click on the Add Files button (circled in the illustration below.)

  5. Select a range of files.

    NOTE: The files that will display when choosing files are JPG, JPEG, TIF, PNG, BMP, and GIF. You can convert other files to JPG files with a free file conversion utility such as Format Factory.  Download Format Factory free here

    On a Windows computer, click on the first file, hold down the Shift key, and then click on the last file in the range. This will select the photos at each end and all the photos in between. You can select multiple individual files by holding down the CTRL key and clicking on individual files.

    On a Macintosh computer, you can also select multiple files by clicking on the first file and then holding the Shift key while selecting the last file in the range. Or you can click and drag a rectangle over contiguous files. This article contains more options for selecting files on a Mac:

  6. Once the files are selected, they are displayed in Filename list. Click on the Start Upload button at the bottom of the list.
    Upload progress is displayed as file are uploaded.

Other dotPhoto Upload Options

  • Email from your Camera Phone: Virtually any phone that is enabled for email and picture messaging can upload photos (and video) to your dotPhoto account. Click here for more information.
Troubleshooting the Uploader
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