What is my order status?

What is my order status?

Three types of orders are outlined below: (1) member and guest orders placed at dotPhoto.com (2) orders placed by someone else such as a professional photographer and (3) book orders placed at dotPhotoBooks.com

To see your orders in your dotPhoto account

Click here to sign in and to go to Order History in My Account:  https://www.dotphoto.com/memorderhistory.asp

In Order History, tap on an Order ID for Order status.

Shipping Methods

If you ordered your shipment via Economyshipping can take up to 10 business days for delivery from the date of shipment. Economy shipping does not include tracking, but most customers prefer inexpensive shipping, which is included free with the dotPhoto membership.

Express Shipping with Tracking is usually 5 to 7 business days and includes a tracking number, but is an additional charge.

Overnight and 2-Day delivery times begin when the order is shipped.  Special delivery orders receive priority printing, but, if you place your order after noon east coast time, your order will probably not be printed until the next day.  Special shipping will speed up delivery, but "overnight" does not mean that the item will arrive the next day. Overnight and 2-Day do not deliver on the weekend.

1. dotPhoto.com orders

dotPhoto immediately provides an order number and confirms your order by email. Orders shipped by overnight or two-day can be tracked through the delivery system. However, economy shipping only shows when the order was shipped: this is the same information that you would receive when sending a standard letter.

Members can track orders by clicking on MyAccount at the top of any page, and choosing Order History under Order Tracking

Guests can click on Order Tracking at the bottom of any page or click here: https://www.dotphoto.com/GuestOrderDetail.asp.

Click here for FedEx Tracking Site. Enter your Two-Day or Overnight Tracking Number.

Orders that are marked "Failed" may have problems with a credit card or with bad images; please check your email for notices about failed orders, or email dotPhoto at support@dotphoto.com

2. If someone else placed your order...

Some professional photographers place their own orders. If someone else has placed your order, and you would like tracking information, please get the dotPhoto Order Number from your source. We cannot provide your order number because dotPhoto has millions and millions of photos. "I was married on a certain date at a certain place" is not enough information to find your order. Your photographer can provide your dotPhoto order number, which will enable us to help you.

Are we missing something?

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