How can I add text to a photo in the dotphoto editor?

How can I add text to a photo?

Let's say you want to add a label to this photo before you print it as a square throw pillow.

TEXT TIP: If you want your text to be readable, make sure that it has high contrast -- that is, black text on a light background or white text on a dark background. You may also want an identifying marking, but you may not want the text to stand out; in that case, choose colors with less contrast so that the text does not call attention to itself.

Start by tapping the Edit icon (the pencil) in the upper left corner to enter edit mode.
Choose the Text icon (T) on the left menu.

The Text menu appears at the top where you can select fonts and other text attributes:

Click on your photo and type your text.

You can move the text after you type it, or you can undo it with CTRL-Z or by choosing Undo from the Edit menu at top.

The Warp feature enables you to transform text after you type it. In the illustration below, we have chosen Arc from the Warp Style menu.
When you are satisfied with the text, confirm your edit by clicking on the Check, and choosing File and Save from the top menu.

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