How can I save and retrieve my dotphoto book projects?

This FAQ applies to ONLY online photo books. You can also make photo books with dotphoto's downloaded software, which stores your projects directly on your computer. The My Projects menu on applies only to non-book products like mugs, mouse pads, magnets, shirts, posters, etc.

Online dotphoto books are built and saved on our site, which you can reach from by (1) entering an album (2) choosing Shop on the left menu, and (3) choosing Photo Books.  

The photos from your album are transferred to the book builder, and you can save your book project at any time by tapping the Save button:

Tap here for more information about building a book online including a video.

To retrieve a project

If you are simply checking projects (and not building a book), choose an album with only a few photos because dotphoto will load all the photos from that album into the book builder, which will take a few moments.

To find your book projects, choose Cancel on the lower left, and then My Projects in the upper right.

You can also check on your book projects from within the book builder:

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