What is the dotphoto Reprint-and-Replace Disaster Insurance program?

The dotphoto Reprint-and-Replace Disaster Insurance Program helps dotphoto customers replace cherished photos and gifts that may have been lost to a natural disaster or fire. dotphoto will re-print up to $1000 of photos and gifts that have been previously printed at dotphoto at an 80% discount for existing dotphoto Club or member of a paid plan.

How it works

  • You must be a current dotphoto Club member or member of a paid plan for at least six months prior to the disaster.
  • The photos must have been printed at dotphoto in the past, and the images must still be in your account.
  • Please send a photo of the ruined photo collection, book or other item to support@dotphoto.com. A camera phone image will suffice.
  • Set up the order in your cart, and contact dotphoto customer service. We will generate a code that provides the 80% discount.
  • Good up to $1000 in original value.

Why an 80% discount?  Why not free?

We're trying to be helpful by accepting a loss on these orders. The 20% ensures that the items are meaningful to you, and we think there is a good chance that your home or flood insurance will reimburse the modest payment.

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