How can I recover photos that I accidentally deleted?

This article relates to local deletions on your computer or SD card. However, if you mistakenly delete your photos in dotphoto, contact us immediately by phone or  Tell us the sign-in for your account, and the albums or albums that you would like to recover. We can often un-delete them if we are notified immediately. We cannot recover photos that were deleted years ago.

How can I recover photos that I accidentally deleted?


The catch? Photo recovery is a free service and works very well. Gihosoft would like you to purchase the pro upgrade that handles every other kind of file. It's a good deal.

First, find out where the lost photos you stored on Samsung Galaxy: on the internal storage or on the micro SD Card.

If the SD Card is your first option, avoid over-writing data by immediately removing the SD card from your device as soon as you realize you have deleted or lost files.

To recover files, you will need:

  1. A computer/laptop (Windows or Mac OS)
  2. Download RePicvid (Freeware)
  3. SD card reader or USB cable

If you’re using the internal storage to store pics/videos, some Android data recovery Apps may help you, like Gihosoft Android Data RecoveryUndeleter(root required).

Then follow these steps to continue:

Step 1. Download and run RePicvid Free Photo Recovery on your Windows or Mac computer/laptop.

To get started, select one option for recovery - Photo/Graphic recovery, Video/DV recovery, Audio/Music recovery, All file recovery. Each module features in powerful functions that support various file types.

Step 2. Connect your SD card with a Card reader or a USB cable that came with your phone.

When your card connects to the computer successfully, RePicvid will detect it on the interface.

Step 3. Select and scan the SD card/disk drive where your photos/files were deleted lost.

Choose the SD memory card, then click on the “Scan” button to continue. The scanning is a read-only process so it won’t do harm to sector of the deleted data.

Step 4. Preview and restore deleted photos/pictures from SD card.

After it finishes the scanning, you can preview the files then click on “Recover” button so that it exports the recovered files onto another storage media.

Thanks to Rachel Bradshaw on Quora for bringing this to our attention.

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